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At Ensambles we transform the paradigm of coffee’s value chain. We collect and process parchment coffee and commercialize green coffee for both the national and international markets, working with great care each link in the value chain to ensure the viability and vitality of each project, guaranteeing long-term relationships with a sense of ethics and reciprocity.


We process roasted coffee for the national market, selecting the best beans from Mexican producers so that this coffee can stay in Mexico. We promote national consumption of very high quality coffees with a fair business model. We also provide maquiladora services in dry processing and specialized roasting for the specialty coffee market, storage, export logistics, sale of roasted coffee in Mexico and green coffee to the national and international market.


At Ensambles we seek to understand the needs of all related parties, offering an linkage based on the common good.

About us

Our Mission

We are an articulating, processing and marketing company of Mexican coffees focused on the production of specialty coffee and in direct dealings with producers and buyers.

Our misson

Our Pillars



At Ensambles we pay attention and care to each area of coffee production and its value chain. During the year we join cooperatives, organizations and small producers to support them in their practices and integral management of their coffee plantations, collaborating to create exceptional coffees. We are experts in working with crops from a holistic perspective, with concepts of Permaculture and regenerative agriculture that include diversification, soil vitality, altitude and temperature, the most suitable coffee varietals for each region or microclimate, the nutrition of the soil, harvesting, fermentation, drying, processing (dry processing) and crop roasting. At the end of this cycle, we carefully analyze each parchment coffee sample that reaches us in our cupping laboratory, thus guaranteeing quality, both physical and sensorial. In this way, we provide comprehensive feedback to each producer, always seeking to obtain the highest quality coffee.

Our pillars


We want each producer associated with Ensambles to find opportunities to improve at their own pace, depending on their possibilities, their coffee plantations and their processes, in order to join our network of producers with comprehensive support, technology transfer, inputs and an articulated integral development platform based on transparency.





We promote sustainability as much as the quality of the cup. We seek a balance between financial viability and vitality. If we do not change the way we produce coffee, this crop runs the great risk that we will gradually degrade the ecosystems that host it. We believe in a mindful coffee, we believe in a coffee produced in a natural way, without pollutants and agrochemicals that weaken the life and fertility of the earth, we believe in communities that regain food autonomy as well as the knowledge of living in harmony within highly diversed ecosystems and achieve productivity without affecting life. We think that it is possible step by step to awaken the interest of future generations to work the field with dignity and to connect with the world from that empowerment . Understanding the integral value of this, we believe that if we articulate the value chain, all those related will understand our needs. We consider it essential to be part of this momentum. Our final objective is to generate a coffee plantation diversification program so that producers find on their lands the way to generate food for their families and the incorporation of products that grow in coffee plantations: vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, among others, as well as animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, goats, vegetables and fruit trees.


Common benefit

At Ensambles we want to generate more horizontal schemes where the financial, social and environmental value is distributed in a balanced way. The countryside urgently needs to see this economic return; people need to feel valued and respected and only in this way will we be able to awaken the interest of future generations in approaching coffee and its ecosystems as a possibility of integral development for their future. Companies must see and migrate to models with more inclusive systems joining the value chain, this is our inspiration. We want to make sustainable specialty coffee producers part of our business model, bringing together conscious importers and roasters to join in this task. We seek to change the destiny of this social, economic and environmental reality, económica y ambiental.



our services

Our services

coffee lab

At Ensambles Coffee Lab we evaluate the physical and sensory quality of coffee samples from many Mexican coffee producers. The samples are received and evaluated from the visual aspect of the bean to its organoleptic qualities once it has been converted into a cup of coffee, going through the roasting process under the parameters of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), carried out by the technical team of Ensambles in our laboratory.


Ensambles Coffee Lab is in charge of communicating the producers about the quality balance of their coffee beans, but also of encouraging those same producers to continue working on their crops, seeking excellence and harmony with the environment.

We evaluate coffee samples from different country origins, from the hand of authentic experts who share and are committed to our vision of Mexican coffee and the Mexican countryside.


We also have the responsibility of quality control throughout the production and supply chain of coffees that are delivered to our customers: standard samples, batches for approval and pre-shipment samples.


dry process

Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos offers different services to coffee producers and marketers. These services include storage and dry processing (threshing, classification, packing and shipping).


Parchment coffee is stored in our warehouses until it is time to process and ship it with its respective buyers.


Our highly technical dry process is carefully supervised under high quality control standards by our team with years of experience, thus guaranteeing the best results for coffee producers and marketers.

our certificates

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Our certificates

we offer coffees with different types of certifications:


Export services

Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos seeks to bring coffee from Mexican producers to new horizons.


To achieve this, we provide logistics and export services of complete batches (FCL - Full Container Load) or micro-batches (LCL - Less than a Container Load).


We take care of the entire packaging process under international trade regulations, documentation, billing, insured shipping to the port, customs management and link with land, sea or air transport, according to the requirements of our clients.

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