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Our stories

We link Mexican producers with roasters and importers of specialty coffees nationally and internationally, understanding the needs of all related parties, thereby offering an articulation based on the common good.


We work deeply with producers to improve quality, from the selection of the most suitable varieties for their farms, depending on the altitude and their micro-region, to nutrition, pest and disease management, tissue management, harvest, processes, fermentations, drying and storage.


We also bring consumers closer to the socio-economic-environmental reality of the producers and coffee plantations.


We not only work with coffee, but with the stories of families committed to their land and culture.



Marisela, daughter of Miguel and Macaria, looked for a way to help her parents, to produce better quality coffee.


Avoiding the coyotes (smugglers) and breaking down the barriers in the area where she lives, she reached Ensambles.


Today they produce coffee while respecting the land and raising the name of their farm.



Don Silvino, a peasant from Veracruz, a proud coffee producer from the Huatusco region; Throughout these years, he has created a family around the coffee culture, with a great commitment and respect for the land and the ecosystem.


Together they persist in their hard work in order to improve the quality of their coffee and the productivity of their plots while maintaining an agroecological farming system, a daily work that is reflected in the harvested fruits.



The stories of Ensambles. Mexican coffees also arrive in Oaxaca.


It is here where Armando Jiménez has managed to maintain an ecofriendly farm. A cold and foggy climate has led their coffee to gain a very high quality.


Hand in hand with his family, Armando has managed to get ahead in this tough world of coffee.

equal profit

Veracruz - Suiza

The coffee industry is not sustainable as we are running it. It is time to go further in the search for a coffee economy that guarantees the continuity of this product, in a respectful way with all those involved and taking care of the ecosystems.


With Equal Profit we can support this search, from the coffee production to the final consumer, be it a coffee bar or at the table in a house.


Equity in earnings ensures that each link in this chain receives its fair share of the final sale price.

el equimite


Among the mist that floats in the morning in the mesophilic forest of the mountains of Veracruz you can see the coffee bushes grow.


El Equimite, Cafetal Biodinamico is an initiative with more than a decade of existence and commitment to take care for the environment. Some of the most extraordinary coffees in Mexico are produced there, widely recognized for their taste, quality and sustainability.


El avontuur

Learn about the transformation of the coffee industry that we are boosting


The planet needs a revolution in the ways we produce and transport coffee.


At Ensambles we want to contribute to that change, visit our YouTube channel to learn about our initiatives.

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