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About US

In Ensambles we fight to offer a mindful coffee.


Our job consists of joining the work of Mexican producers with that of worldwide roasters. We are transforming the paradigm of the coffee value chain.


At Ensambles we produce coffee: we know very well the risks and costs of this crop, so we are empathic with the producers.


We are inspired by the need to transform the reality of coffee communities.


We produce coffee under shade trees, within mesophilic forests with the concept of edible forests, thus promoting and contributing to the creation of diversified ecosystems and the conservation of coffee-producing ecosystems in Mexico.

About us

nuestros cafés

Buscamos crear una comunidad que de manera consciente, sostenible y equitativa logre articular una estructura que regenere para el bien común los estándares de producción, comercialización y consumo de café a nivel global.

Conoce nuestras historias


We are building an linked network between producers, processors, exporters, transporters, importers and roasters to jointly face the challenges of today's coffee growing and the changing coffee industry.


Together with Cafetal El Equimite, Cafetal Biodinamico and the Instituto Bios Terra, we bring producers closer to a technological model of sustainable production based on scientific research.


We seek a coffee production that is economical, socio-cultural and environmental viable and sustainable.

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Our Coffees


Caffees from Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Guerrero and others.


Washed, natural and honeys coffees. We have a rich offer of coffees of different categories: grown agroecologically, organic, biodynamic and fair trade.


We also work with conventional producers and try to accompany them in the transition to specialty coffees and with socially and environmentally respectful cultivation practices.

Our coffees available in Europe...

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Our coffees

The Mepas de la Montaña

The Mepas de la Montaña is a community rich in culture that inhabits the Sierra Madre, a major Mexican mountain range, in the Mexican State of Guerrero. Los Mepas have for centuries, until nowadays, protected Mother Earth by leading a nature respectful way of living.  


Deep in the coffee plantations on the highest fog- covered mountains, the Mepas practice an innovative and proud way of life by committing to the harvest of precious coffee beans and beginning to venture into the production of specialty coffee.


With the intention of optimizing their coffee process and harvest along with  adjusting a fair price, the Mepas have put together a laboratory side by side with Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos.


We at Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos, aim at planning and setting up a better future for coffee production.


eventos y actividades


As part of our work methodology, we promote agroecological, organic and biodynamic practices; in ecosystems under shade trees, with the concept of edible forests, currently sowing a new model for coffee production, with practices that positively impact productive areas, their communities and their soils.


We are moving towards a sustainable coffee growing where we seek to gradually eliminate the use of agrochemicals, in addition to seeking the best, scientifically demonstrable practices to transfer this knowledge to our producer networks.

Events and activities

 special projects

At Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos we are in constant evolution. The area of development of new projects, innovation and development maintains a constant range of ideas and projects to consolidate our proposal for the transformation of the coffee industry.


Starting from our founding principles of Quality, Equity, Sustainability and the Common Good, we study the technical, market and financial feasibility of these projects that we develop in partnership with our stakeholders.

Special projects

"In a community of human beings working together, the welfare of the community will be all the greater, the less the individual requires for himself the fruits of the work that he has done for himself. That is, the more of those fruits passes to his co-workers and the more his own needs are satisfied, not by his own work, but by the work of others. "

Rudolf Steiner
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