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Special Projects

At Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos we are constantly evolving. The area of development of new projects, innovation and development maintains a constant range of ideas and projects to consolidate our proposal for the transformation of the coffee industry.


Starting from our founding principles of Quality, Equity, Sustainability and Common Good, we study the technical, market and financial feasibility of these projects that we develop in partnership with our stakeholders.


We believe that it is possible to produce and drink a cup of coffee with good practices and responsibility with society and the planet. That is why we undertake these special projects, adventures in which we embark with other people, from Mexico and the world, who share our ideals and who are willing to work to find a better way to inhabit this planet.


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Special projects
El Equimite
El Equimite, Cafetal Biodinamico is an agricultural organization where coffee and other agricultural products are sown and harvested from a holistic perspective.
El Equimite's coffee is grown in a sustainable and biodynamic way, with special focus on protecting the environment and being in harmony with the ecosystem and the community.
At Ensambles we are aware that the 21st century has seen the birth of a new type of coffee consumer, one who is concerned about the socio-economic and environmental relationships that emanate from their cup, and at El Equimite we produce coffee for that costumer.

We have organic certifications with the Mexican, United States and European Union regulations; as well as the DEMETER biodynamic certification.


Our crops do not use fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers; In El Equimite, biodiversity, water conservation and respect for local flora and fauna are promoted, as well as the creation of permanent jobs for those who work in the fields.


Workshops and trainings are also given looking to expand the horizons of our collaborators and include them to build a new world through something as small and immense as a coffee bean.

The jewels of el Equimite

the jewels of el equimite worldwide

Ensambles is committed to bringing the best Mexican coffee to families and coffee bars in different countries around the world. Mexico has an impressive biodiversity, which includes several parts of the country with the ideal conditions to produce coffee of the highest quality.


One of these points is Coatepec, Veracruz, which for years was considered one of the places with the best coffee in Mexico and even the world.


El Cafetal El Equimite, located in Coatepec, is in charge of honoring that memory by producing exotic specialty coffees of the highest quality. A selection of the best coffees produced in El Equimite are taken on a sailing boat to Europe.


This coffee, carefully selected and consisting of exotic varieties, cultivated with a sustainable and holistic approach, with Demeter certification, travels in micro lots across the Atlantic Ocean until it reaches the shores of Hamburg.


The coffee will be roasted to order in small quantities to the highest quality standards and can be purchased online across Europe and the UK by coffee drinkers eager for new experiences and new flavors.


The best of Mexican specialty coffee comes to Europe through Ensambles.

coffee under sail


a collaboration project

Coffee Under Sail

"the route of the avontuur"


Since 2018, Ensambles has been exporting coffee to Europe in a sustainable way on a cargo sailboat. Each year, freight transport contributes a significant percentage of the carbon emissions that humanity releases into the atmosphere.


Huge container ships cruise our seas while polluting the atmosphere and seas in unimaginable quantities. A container dropped into the ocean causes irreparable damage to marine flora and fauna, in addition to the pollutants it releases into the water itself.


Container ships operate on bunker fuel, a heavy residue from the extraction of gasoline, diesel, and other light hydrocarbons in the crude oil refining process. The result is a fuel with dangerous levels of nitric oxide, fine particles and sulfur dioxide, toxic to human and aquatic life and with long-lasting effects.


The amount of fuel that is burned to move each ship is enormous, as is the carbon footprint of each of these ships. In this scenario, the transportation industry of merchandise has an urgent need to rethink the impact it generates on the environment and on society. Timbercoast is a German company that, through this initiative, seeks to eliminate pollution produced by freight ships and guarantee decent working conditions for sailors.


To achieve this, Timbercoast transports products from different parts of the world in sailing boats, which move thanks to the force of the wind and significantly reduce emissions into the atmosphere and pollution of the sea, taking as its flag the boat of the "Avontuur".

Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos, being concerned about reducing our negative impact on the planet as much as possible, has entered into an alliance with Timbercoast to bring Mexican specialty coffees, certified as organic and biodynamic, to Europe in a low-carbon boat. Thanks to Timbercoast, Ensambles coffee, which grows and is harvested in Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca, reaches the European continent, where it is recognized thanks to its quality and commitment to the environment and society.

Learn about the transformation of the coffee industry that we are promoting

The planet needs a revolution in the ways we produce and transport coffee.


At Ensambles we want to contribute to that change.

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